Future tennis star



in the moment

We had a good time before shooting these photos. I am still an amateur playing tennis but Bony owned my a$$ with his skills. Don’t worry, It was first of many games and soon I hope to make it challenging for him. After we finished goofing around I started taking few shots of him. Due to low lights and limited flashes I could only manage to get few shots that were acceptable. Another day calls for new photoshoot.

Most popular in 1 day.

Now this photo of my roommate was taken few days ago and I posted it on Flickr yesterday. surprisingly by last night  it became one of my popular photos on flickr. I don’t know how they calculate it but i was surprised. Because I really didn’t like this photo and I wanted to re-shoot this weekend. I find the angle is simple. I wanted more dramatic view of the kicking. May be the next shot will be as I visioned.