The joy of cricket

Our Arizona community is involved with cricket for many decades now. We started a league back in 2006 which led to massive improvement of our playing and general involvement. One thing that connects people from all ages, background and community in Arizona is cricket. Never thought I would be playing cricket regularly after moving to U.S. Even in Bangladesh I did not get much chance of playing. The Bangladeshi community in Arizona has done a tremendous work to promote cricket. Now a days when I go to a dawat (party) all I hear is cricket. Either its local or international we have surrounded us with cricket. The passion that runs through our vein for cricket just exploded during this Asia cup tournament.

Right before that we had our Final game for Murad-Rana Memorial Tournamnet in March 10. It turned out to be another exciting final match. The heavily favorite Broncos lost to Cheetah in a most dramatic collapse I have seen in MR.

The wicket was unpredictable since moving to a new ground just for the final game. Many batsman have misjudged the length and was bowled out. The photo above tells the main story for the game. The victory was imminent after a sudden collapse and when the last wicket fell The crowd were up and running to the field.

The new Champion Phoenix Cheetah with their third win since the tournament started.

Past two days I have been sad about Bangladesh losing the Asia Cup Final. It prompted me to write this blog so I can vent online rather than in person and do something stupid ;). I was sad to see Shakib and Mushfiq cry which made me teary but I also felt the joy. The joy of what our team has achieved. I love cricket and love our team. It has given us many ups and down but at the end we all are proud of their effort. The trophy is not what we achieved rather its the hearts of millions cricket loving fans.

Bangladesh Supporters

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. We get angry, mad, frustrated. When we win it becomes full with joy and happiness. Us Bangladeshi supporters go through a lot of mood swings. But the love for our team doesn’t fade a little bit. The support we show for our team is unconditional. Hopefully we will get to cheer more in the upcoming games and see some spectacular games.

The World Cup has begun. We are in it for a long haul. Our hopes are high and dreams are big. Go Bangladesh!!!


Murad-Rana cricket tournament started on October 17. The rookie team Arizona Wildcats defeated the Current champion Laveen Broncos. We shifted from a smaller field to a bigger one this year. Last year we had high scores like 216, 208 in 20 over match. This year it seems like 120+ is a good score. It is due to the large outfield. Almost 65 yards all around from the center of the pitch.

Photos from the opening game.

Both team in the opening ceremony

The Umpire for the coin toss

The field

The third game was between us(Lions) vs Bengals. We got our first victory and started a new season with confident.

The pitch of the cricket field

Wickets and bells

Brother practicing before the game

Team meeting before the game

The staring of our innings

Next game is this Sunday. The season started with some surprise outcome this year due to the new field and unpredictable pitch. Lets hope we can keep our winning streak going on.

Future tennis star



in the moment

We had a good time before shooting these photos. I am still an amateur playing tennis but Bony owned my a$$ with his skills. Don’t worry, It was first of many games and soon I hope to make it challenging for him. After we finished goofing around I started taking few shots of him. Due to low lights and limited flashes I could only manage to get few shots that were acceptable. Another day calls for new photoshoot.

Germany started the WC

Before this game  it felt like I was watching regular soccer games. Sure Argentina vs Nigeria was an interesting game. S Korea also played good. But the excitement from seeing these superb goals by the German players tops all the goals so far. This is just the beginning of the WC, and more games will follow with high scoring results I predict. No one wants to see a 0-0 or 1-1 tie.  Brazil, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal haven’t played any games yet. They need to make an expression in the coming games if they want to win the cup.