Lines and Landscapes

golden hour


triangle squares



Today I walked around the campus and took some abstract photos of buildings for a class project. more photos on the next post


It was hard to choose a theme for this photo project considering we covered a lot of themes and ideas throughout the semester. I decided to do abstract initially but later I combined with Landscape to create images acceptable to both genre.

Thomas Demand was my inspiration for the photos I have posted. His images created a certain view with lines and shapes. The images he posted on his website were inspirational for me to go out and take photos with a different vision. One thing that separated my photos from his type was I took all the photos outdoor. Most of Demand’s photos are indoors. His point of view was straight looking at the subject. I was hoping to get the sky involved so most of my photos I was looking up to take the photos.

What took me outdoors were the buildings around the campus. I have always wanted to shot landscape photos around the campus. This time I had the chance to explore the buildings from a different perspective. The photos I have posted are not recognizable instantly. But all of the buildings are on campus and we see them all the time. My approach was to create this abstract feeling from these photos. The sky was perfect for the photos and I went to take photo on the golden hour. The color of brick wall from various buildings made all the photos stand out. The texture is also there on some photos that add to the abstract feeling.

There were many buildings around the campus that I have left behind due to the time. The golden hour was almost over and the shadow started to mess with the composition.

The first photo was taken at the mall where we have the clock ok the wall. After taking the first 2 photos I was getting in the rhythm of taking similar angle. My 85mm lens also helped to get closer view.

Photo #2 was taken outside the mosque. The structure is called minaret. It is where the prayer calling is given for the Muslims. In the U.S. we don’t hear the calling but in Muslim countries it is heard all over the mosques.

Photo #3 was taken from Coconino hall looking towards the Music building. I always pass through this building and look at the pyramid shape design. The pattern was intriguing enough for me to take the first shot and the first photo of my project.

Photo #4 was taken by ECE building. My friend is an electrical major so I go there sometimes to hang out. The shape of the stairway from outside looks futuristic.

The last photo is from an exterior of another building.

I took about 200 photos for this project. But it came down to only six photos due to the style and theme. More photos can be viewed on my blog at soon.

One light photoshoot

Took some photos of the 350Z with only one flash few months ago. It was about sunset when I arrived at the location which is 2 minutes from my house. Some angle came out good and some not. I had hard time driving this car manually though. I stalled it in the beginning but after that I was driving around without any problem.

stop and stare

Z and the road

when you got the need for speed