Bangladesh Supporters

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. We get angry, mad, frustrated. When we win it becomes full with joy and happiness. Us Bangladeshi supporters go through a lot of mood swings. But the love for our team doesn’t fade a little bit. The support we show for our team is unconditional. Hopefully we will get to cheer more in the upcoming games and see some spectacular games.

The World Cup has begun. We are in it for a long haul. Our hopes are high and dreams are big. Go Bangladesh!!!

sometime its…..

I got a chance to capture some footage with Ishtiaq’s T1i. I used my 85mm lens and tripod as a shoulder rig to capture these shots. Nothing fancy just half hour of messing around with the camera and edit. didn’t bother to color correct or fix minor details, need to learn how to do that first.

The song is by Jamie Lynn Noon which I found on YouTube cause I used YouTube video editor for simple editing.

enjoy it on HD. =)