Murad-Rana cricket tournament started on October 17. The rookie team Arizona Wildcats defeated the Current champion Laveen Broncos. We shifted from a smaller field to a bigger one this year. Last year we had high scores like 216, 208 in 20 over match. This year it seems like 120+ is a good score. It is due to the large outfield. Almost 65 yards all around from the center of the pitch.

Photos from the opening game.

Both team in the opening ceremony

The Umpire for the coin toss

The field

The third game was between us(Lions) vs Bengals. We got our first victory and started a new season with confident.

The pitch of the cricket field

Wickets and bells

Brother practicing before the game

Team meeting before the game

The staring of our innings

Next game is this Sunday. The season started with some surprise outcome this year due to the new field and unpredictable pitch. Lets hope we can keep our winning streak going on.

One light photoshoot

Took some photos of the 350Z with only one flash few months ago. It was about sunset when I arrived at the location which is 2 minutes from my house. Some angle came out good and some not. I had hard time driving this car manually though. I stalled it in the beginning but after that I was driving around without any problem.

stop and stare

Z and the road

when you got the need for speed