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Back in 1994-95 when I was in Bangladesh our television was 14-15 inch. The name was National television. the brand name was National! Check out this picture. Oh yeah! it was black and white. That was 1995, after few years later we got this. It’s a Mitsubishi and it’s still running. So when we moved to US and got a 54″ Sony I was mesmerized. That is a big step up from 21″. Then I got a Bose 3-2-1 home theater and I thought I was in heaven. But everything has a limit. when the LCD tv’s started overflowing the market we knew we have to get one. After couple of month’s I was happy with video but upset with the audio quality. change is good. I sold the Bose and bought 3.1 system from Elemental Designs. My first time purchasing something expensive from online and without knowing how it would perform. But these speakers didn’t disappoint me. Now when I got a 5.1 home theater system I wasn’t able to enjoy it most of the time. In the beginning cause of my brother playing Modern Warfare all day long. But eventually during the weekends we shook the house occasionally.

Now here come the main reason of this post 🙂
I bought myself a headphone =P

It’s a Sennheiser HD 202. I didn’t go for the HD203 or higher because of the price. Although I believe If I like this headphone eventually I will buy HD280pro. Now most of the shows I watch it from my Laptop and I have been missing out the critical part of these shows. Now a day’s audio is more important to me than video.

HD 202 has some good reviews from Cnet and Newegg. I didn’t tell you guys the price I paid for this headphone :). Total came out $23.99 with 3 days UPS shipping from newegg. Apparently, they are sold out by now.

I will be back with a in-depth review soon.

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Germany started the WC

Before this game  it felt like I was watching regular soccer games. Sure Argentina vs Nigeria was an interesting game. S Korea also played good. But the excitement from seeing these superb goals by the German players tops all the goals so far. This is just the beginning of the WC, and more games will follow with high scoring results I predict. No one wants to see a 0-0 or 1-1 tie.  Brazil, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal haven’t played any games yet. They need to make an expression in the coming games if they want to win the cup.

Whole day of soccer

What an exciting Friday it was. No sleep and soccer throughout the day, watch and play. My day started at 5 am with the kick off ceremony and ended 11pm after playing soccer. I was supporting South Africa and France but both teams ended up with a tie. Few of my friends came over to my house and we had supporters for both team. The back talking, screaming and fighting made it a day to remember. Excited for all the games happening this month of soccer.

GO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!