Smoke photo


The good thing about smoke photography is that you really don;t have to do anything after everything is set up. Once I figured out the lighting, background and the focus, I was just clicking away. Now the depth of the smoke depends on where the smoke is coming from. I used couple of incense together to get 2-3 layers of smoke rising. The first time experiment was successful. I got some decent pictures and fun while doing it.

Most popular in 1 day.

Now this photo of my roommate was taken few days ago and I posted it on Flickr yesterday. surprisingly by last night  it became one of my popular photos on flickr. I don’t know how they calculate it but i was surprised. Because I really didn’t like this photo and I wanted to re-shoot this weekend. I find the angle is simple. I wanted more dramatic view of the kicking. May be the next shot will be as I visioned.

Frozen dinner

Once you get hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge, the stomach just starts growling even  more. It happened to be that my freezer is full of frozen stuff. So I get back to work, one hell of a job. cooking is something that I started to enjoy more and more. My mom showed me some recipes but it started heavily with Shafin, my es-roommate.  Now it’s becoming a hobby to cook rather that for the sole purpose of feeding myself. Hope to create some exquisite dishes in future that involves no talent of any sort.

Tilapia fillet, vegetables and basmati rice.