Day 4

Sunday was really wonderful. I woke up early to watch Pakistan vs Srilanka T20 cricket world cup. Pakistan won by the way :). Then I watched Brazil vs Italy Confederation cup soccer game. Brazil also wan the game. What a way to start the day right!!! Two of my favorite team in both sports has won.

For day 4 I thought about doing something different. I bought this watermelon from a Farmers market for 80 cents !!!. I was inspired by this pic.

So I see this Melon putting some sunscreen lotion and tanning it our back yard. As I go to the pool it starts skinny dipping in our pool out of no where.

I had to get my net and catch this bastard. he was not so happy after that.

Day 1 setup

I would like to share my lighting setup with you guys. Here is the photo of my lighting diagram

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I had a white cutting board with a clear glass below my subject. The background was just a black or white poster board. I have a 40 inch Umbrella softbox which was to the right of the subject. Here’s a pic of the softbox:

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I moved the softbox many times to get my desired lighting. Softbox flash was at 1/8 power and Snoot flash was 1/16 powered. The snoot flash was zoomed at 85mm.

I used a 85mm 1.8 lens with Xti. My shutter speed was 1/200 i think. You can play with light to get various effects.

So here is the final product after some PS in CS2 and Lightroom.


Hope you guys liked it. It was my first time trying it and with out my mom I would never achieved this photo. Big props to my mom getting interest in my photography.


Day 3

After last night’s soccer my legs were really sore. Today i didn’t move that much, just laid back and watching the soccer game between Spain vs South Africa. Around 3 pm I came downstairs to get some food. I peek in the backyard through the window and see many roses has bloom since last week. It was the only time I got a chance to take a picture in dead afternoon. It was so hot that I was in the backyards for five minutes most. I always find something interesting in our backyard. there were new roses blooming while this lonely one held it position fighting till the end.

day 2

Today was overcast since morning. The game between SL vs WI was fantastic. If you are into cricket then you will know how three balls in the first over changed the outcome of the match. I am disappointed because West Indies lost. I wanted Pakistan vs West Indies for the final so we could see some explosive But one way or another you find happiness some how. It wasn’t expected but I had to drop off my mom to an aunt’s house. I took may camera just in case I see something interesting on my way. Once I drop off my mom aunt resisted that i should come inside for tea at least.I met her two young son who were watching family guy.

Then comes chai and some snacks. Mean while the chai was getting cold I was busy taking Pictures. You know how girls like when some guys taking her pics. From crying to smiling didn’t take a while. it was worth it. I never asked what was the baby’s name but she was not friendly in the beginning.

But After some babbling and making weird faces and sound she quiet down. She fell asleep as I was still pointing my camera towards her face. Out of a sudden she started to smile while sleeping. I had to take that pic and showed to everyone in the room. The two kids are jumping and smiling as I kept waiting for another smile. Few minutes later she opened her eyes a little, looked at me and then fall asleep again.

After Chai I left for home and while I was driving my eyes caught the rays of sun peeking through the clouds. I stopped in the side of the road to take a picture then went home.

Today was filled with mix emotion. The day started with dissapointment then the smile of the baby gave me some joy then at night we lost the soccer game. It was a good game but winning is always better than loosing.

Project: 365

Today out of a sudden I decided to start a 365 day photo project. It was not sure until I saw photos taken by Dustin Diaz. I was inspired by the pictures and thought about staring this project today.

The first Photo that was worthy for this project is to the right. I never tried shooting falling strawberries or any object of sort. Thankfully my mother was there to drop the strawberry every time. Even though she got irritated after a while I was able to get some decent shots.

Strobist info: I used one SB-24 flash to the righ with DIY snoot powered at 1/16 power at 85 mm. To the right there was a SB-28 reflected thorough a umbrella soft box at 1/8 power.


Welcome to my first photography blogging site. It was a tough decision to open this blogging page because I don’t like typing. But as time progressed and reading numerous pages from different blogger I thought I should give it a try.